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Himmat Singh a & Graphic Designer with a healthy appetite for various designs. I like to make things happen thats comes into my mind, and I like them to happen awesomely and fantastically. If you'd like to share some thoughts or just say do get in touch.

So I may have mentioned I specialise in web design, I love to handcraft pixel-perfect interfaces together with the latest web standards and technologies. I create experiences for the web.

I'm also proficient at hand coding semantic HTML & CSS layouts, developing responsive sites that supports all of the devices like tablet, ipad, mobile etc and I'm passionate about User Experience Design. Over the years, I’ve had some very memorable moments working with other talented designers and programmers in my industry, some who have become the best friends of my life.

With that experience, I have shared some fantastic opportunities to work for very prestigious clients, producing many of the examples which can be found inside my portfolio of works.

I'm passionate about delivering the best for the web, and I love a new challenge. If you think I would be suitable for your project, you can find out how I can help by sending me an enquiry.

I’m constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries, refine my art and produce highly effective results.

If you share this passion, we should definitely talk! Please fill in the contact form and I'll respond ASAP.


I've had some diverse experience with design, though I stay focused on particular specialities within my skill set.

Web design
UI design
Java Script

I Know & Love

Interface Design

conceptualisation for web, apps & mobile.

Html, Css & Js

Languages which make ideas become a reality.

jQuery Scripting

A Cross-Platform library for rapid development.

User Experience

Producing efiicient & fluent solutions.

I'm Getting in to


Development for new api's, media & semantics.

Responsive design

Responsive design for fluid screen scaleability.

Mobile development

Compatible solutions for smartphone and tablets.


So here you can find a collection of my featured works.

Where I place my selected works I've crafted for agencies, jobs and freelance work alike. You'll find works featuring design, front-end development and responsive ui Development here.


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